94            SH 6
                    | \  =        / ^^/\/\/| Mataura Range
         Mossburn   |= `-M-.__   |~~^^^/\/\|
                    |=  /|~~  \__L ~^^^^^^^|  Lumsden     -KEY-
                    |  |`*  ~~    \ ~~^^^^^|             = Swamp
                    |  | |^  ~~   /\________ 94        ~,^ Hills
                    |  |= \^   ~ /         |            /\ Mountains
                    | / ~~~\^   /~~        |
             Wreys Bush-     SH6
             Mossburn Rd

NZMS 260 E44 Lumsden

The valleys are flat and wide, the streams twisted and the rivers braided. There are several areas of swamp. The hills and mountains appear soft and rounded on the map, but are actually fairly steep and of great height. Many roads crisscross the valleys, and between them is a network of fencelines and shelter belts. The hills show fewer signs of habitation and are in some cases forested. Looks old.

E44 379 873

Just inside a deer paddock near the intersection of two gravel roads. The deer fled before the car stopped and never returned. On the other side of Roy Road was a pine forest. The other way were sheep. By the time I got here I was fairly sick of pine trees and sheep, but I dutifully filmed them both. Nearby was a small creek with willow trees. A truck and a car drove past. For some time I tried to film insects on dandelions, and spiders on the deer fence. Some of the mountains in the background had snow on them even though it was late January. |||||||