|~~~~~^~~~.--.  ~^/\/\/\/\/\/\|
                       |~ ~  _.-'~~~ \~   ^/\/\/\/\/\|
                       |~  ,'^       ~`.   ^~~^p^p~~~|
                       | ,'^^       ^*  \   p~p~pN~~~|     Naseby
                       |/ ~       ~^   ~ `.    p~~~~~|   p: Naseby
                       / ~      ~^^   ~    \__    ~~~|         Forest
                    85 |~      ~^^   ~        \_______85
                        --/-------/-------------R----       Ranfurly
                        Ida       White Sow
                       Valley      Valley

H41 Ranfurly

This map is named after a tiny town that only half appears on the very edge that it, but the area has no lack of placenames. Much of it is The Maniototo (as in Janet Frame's book, Living in the Maniototo). Half of the map has an association with the nymph Ida: Ida Range, Mt Ida, Ida Valley, Ida Burn, Idaburn, Idaburn Hills, Mt Ida Water Race. Another portion of the map is infamously named after farmyard animals: White Sow Creek, Ewe Burn, Hog Burn, Wether Burn, Wedderburn. This is commonly interpreted as an insult from Surveyor upon residents, and activists frequently petition for name changes. Anyway, it's all flat wide valleys and old worn down mountains. There are many ruined buildings.

H41 707 718

On one side are plains, some bright green, some yellow & brown. on the other side is a row of low hills, brown, with protuding rocks. There are blue bushes on parts of the hillside, with sheep moving amoungst them.