-----\-p----\--\---------    p = pine plantation
                    |      \~p~~~~\p~\        |       (Aupori Forest)
                    |       \~p~p~p\~~\       |
                    |        \~p~p~~\~ \    Pacific
                    |         \~~~~~~\  `.   Ocean
                    |          \~~~~~~\~\ \_  |
                Tasman          \~*~p~~\Pu_/  |   Pu = Pukenui
                    Sea          \p~p~~~\` \  |
                    |             \~p~p~p\~ `.|

N03 Houhora

The land is made of sand. In some places dunes have congealed into hills and soil has appeared. The land is too flat and narrow for rivers, so water lays about in swamps and hundreds of tiny lakes. But along the main road the land is farmed and appears ordinary and grassy. Large stretches have been planted with pine trees and are collectively known as the Aupori Forest.

N03 128 113

On my map, Edition One (1984), this place was marked as a clear dune. When I got there it turned out to be part of the pine forest. The pictures are of pine trees, with one or two shots of other plants (daisies, moss), and a bit of sky.