The NZMS 260 Topographical Series
N03 - Aupori Forest M02 N02
N03 - Aupori Forest O03
N04 O04 P04 Q04
N05 O05 P05 Q05 Q07 - Whangarei Harbour
O06 P06 Q06 R06
O07 P07 Q07 Whangarei R07 S07
P08 Q08 R08 S08 T08
P09 Q09 R09 S09 T09
R11 - Titirangi Q10 R10 S10 T10 U10
Q11 R11 Auckland S11 T11 U11
Q12 R12 S12 T12 U12
R13 S13 T13 U13 W13 (White Island)
R14 S14 T14 U14 V14 W14 X14 Y14 Z14
S17 - Mt
Q15 R15 S15 T15 U15 V15 W15 X15 Y15 Z15
R16 S16 T16 U16 V16 W16 X16 Y16 Z16
R17 S17 T17 U17 V17 W17 X17 Y17 Z17
Q18 R18 S18 T18 U18 V18 W18 X18 Y18
P19 Q19 R19 S19 T19 U19 V19 W19 X19 Y19
P20 Q20 R20 S20 T20 U20 V20 W20 X20 Y20 V19- Te Haroto
P21 Q21 R21 S21 T21 U21 V21 W21
Q22 R22 S22 T22 U22 V22 W22
R23 S23 T23 U23 V23
M24 N24 S24 T24 U24 V24 U23 - Tamaki River
L25 M25 N25 P25 R25 S25 T25 U25
M27 Grace Creek L26 M26 N26 O26 P26 Q26 R26 S26 T26 U26
L27 M27 N27 O27 P27 Q27 R27 Wellington S27 T27 S26 Kaituna/ Matahiwi
L28 M28 N28 O28 P28 Q28 R28 S28 T28
L30 Victoria Burn K29 L29 M29 N29 O29 P29 Q29
K30 L30 M30 N30 O30 P30 O27 Pelorus Valley
Chatham Islands
Chathams Sheet 1
Chathams Sheet 2
J31 K31 L31 M31 N31 O31 P31
J32 K32 L32 M32 N32 O32
I33 J33 K33 L33 M33 N33 O33
H34 I34 J34 K34 L34 M34 N34
G35 H35 I35 J35 K35 L35 M35
F36 G36 H36 I36 J36 K36 L36 M36 N36
E37 F37 G37 H37 I37 J37 K37 L37 M37 N37
D38 E38 F38 G38 H38 I38 J38 K38 L38
D39 E39 F39 G39 H39 I39 J39 K39
C40 D40 E40 F40 G40 H40 I40 J40
B41 C41 D41 E41 F41 G41 H41 I41 J41 H41 - Wedderburn
B42 C42 D42 E42 F42 G42 H42 I42 J42
B43 C43 D43 E43 F43 G43 H43 I43 J43
A44 B44 C44 D44 E44 F44 G44 H44 I44 J44
A45 B45 C45 D45 E45 F45 G45 H45 I45
B46 C46 D46 E46 F46 G46 H46
B47 D47 E47 F47 G47 H47 E44- Mossburn
D48 E48 F48
C49 D49 E49
C50 D50

The NZMS 260 Maps

These are projected on the New Zealand Map Grid. Each map covers an area of 30x40 km, except for the Chatham Islands maps, which are slightly larger.

The twelve highlighted maps () were randomly selected from the 339 maps in the series, and random points on these were chosen. Exactly thirty-six feet (one minute) of film was recorded at each place. These bits of film were strung together into a single Random Geographical Survey. Then they were unstrung to make this site.

You need a realvideo player to see the videos on this site. The quality is terrible, and there is no sound. Apply here to see the full survey and more great films screened in the brightest colours at enormous scale, with delicious monaural soundtracks.

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