___________ _______________
                  |~~~~~~~~~~~#~~~~~~~~~~     |
                  |~~-~~~~~~~WH~~~~~~~~~. ~   |    WHangarei
                  |~ ^ _.----|~ #~~~~ ~~~~~   |
                  |___/~^~~~~|     *`    ^^~  |
                  |~~~~~~~~~~|~      ---m ^^^ |    m= Marsden Point
                  |~~~~~~~~~~|~ ~~~~~---      |
                  |~~~~~~~~~~~\~~~~~~---      |
                  |~~~~~~~~~~~~`--._~~~-      |
                  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\~~--     |

NZMS 260 Q07 Whangarei

Most of the map consists of complicated arrangements of northland hills, but there're also plains and a couple of cones. There's a city in the middle at the top, and a long shallow harbour connects it to the Pacific Ocean in the Southeastern corner. Roads are sparse, but scattered all over the map. Likewise forest, which occurs in literally thousands of small patches occupying perhaps a third of the total land area. The region shows signs of vulcanism.

Q07 399 996

It was decided at the beginning that only water within 1 kilometre of land would be included in the survey. This point on Whangarei Harbour was about 200 metres offshore at the time of filming, and would perhaps be 30 metres offshore at low tide. The sea was blue and mildly choppy. The sample of film depicts hills, a petrochemical plant and much sky, all moving about haphazardly. This movement is due to the instability of the 8 foot dinghy upon which the camera was mounted.