Otaki .----------------.
                       |/\/\/\/\/\/\^~ \| 
            Tararua  - |/\/\/\/\/\^^~  /`- Waingara River
             Ranges    |/\/\/\/\^^^~  C | - Carterton
                       |/\/\/\^^~    /  |
                Hutt   /-/\/\-------G---' - Greytown
                valley             /
                               State Highway 2

NZMS 260 S26 Carterton

The map is dominated by the Tararua Ranges. They appear orange and green, with light orange ridges. Green stands for damp forest and orange is the colour of contours. People don't stay there for long. In the extreme northwest and southwest are the tops of two inhabited valleys, while the southeastern quadrant contains two towns. The flat land around Carterton and Greytown is crisscrossed with fencelines and roads, and is part of the enormous Wairarapa Valley. The main town of the district, Masterton, is just off the eastern edge. It's influence is visible.

S26 268 319

A hill on the edge of a large paddock. Drizzle. Animals were suspicous. The cows hid. Sheep moved in a wide migratory arc around me, anticlockwise. Over many hours, condensed into one minute for the film.