The images used in this survey have been taken from twelve randomly selected places within New Zealand.

The words below, from an early version of the film, offer one explanation of its purpose. The current film is rather less verbose, while the original proposal goes on at greater length.

Pictorial Research

A Random Geographical

Introduction &
In order to avoid the common errors committed by Geographic Filmmakers (who, according to fashion and inclination, will produce either lengthly sequences of mountain & lake beauty, encouraging displays of progress, harmony, modernity & we-are-all-new-zealanders togetherness, "quirky" or "wacky" nullifications of culture & character, or reciprocally edifying counterexamples; dead dogs, polluted estuaries, desolate suburbs, waste, destruction, poverty, hatred, unhappiness & violence) -in order to avoid these extremes, it is necessary to remove fallible & doctrinaire human judgement from the process of selecting shots. Which is why a computer was used to randomly select the 12 locations shown in this film from the 30 million one hectare squares that make up the NZ Map Grid, and exactly the same quantity (60 seconds) of footage was recorded at each place. This gives a statistically accurate view of New Zealand, as will shortly be seen. Further details of method & theory are obtainable from the following address: Random Geographical Survey PO Box 1009 Wellington. New Zealand: A RANDOM GEOGRAPHICAL SURVEY