halogen links page

very small, because I can't be bothered. I was going to make a page of links to interesting NZ Art sites, but I discovered there aren't any.

worthy collections of links

the physics room has links to some ok things
flicker's film links
@url nz arts links keeps vaguely up to date.
small movies links, probably out of date
the english server for almost anything
Aranui NZ index

about films:

small movies is a pretty and useful site, with special sections
devoted to hand processing and the bolex camera.
flicker , for information about american experimental filmmakers.

wellington and nz

the physics room
the helios gallery
city voice's art pages

porirua (the home town)

Porirua City Council
unreal film co. (video makers)
plimmerton fire brigade
porirua fire station

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